4 Things You Can Do with Google Hangout

An excerpt from Heritage’s Ericka Andersen’s Huffington Post Tech piece on Google Plus Hangouts:

1) Use internally or externally.
Businesses, organizations and political offices can use the hangouts to conduct video conference staff meetings between district and local offices internally. Externally, the Hangouts can be used to stream press conferences, conduct press interviews or hold panels for an online presentation.

2) Livestream to your YouTube channel.
The Hangout can be streamed directly to a YouTube channel so your event can be seen by everyone, even those without Google Plus. Additionally, the Hangout is embeddable, so it can live on any blog or website.

3) Automatically record to save and embed.
The Hangout is automatically uploaded, so it is available immediately afterward to watch or share when finished.

4) Play Professional.
Various apps give users the ability to create a very professional look. You can add name marquees, watch YouTube clips together and more. One app, Pro Studio, is used to cue, mute, manage discussion topics and send notes “behind the scenes” to Hangout participants.

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